It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming XIV INTERNATIONAL GLUTEN WORSHOP. This scientific event will be organized between Spain and Portugal and will be held from 19th - 21st June 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

The primary objective of this meeting is to bring together researchers studying gluten. This workshop represents an invaluable opportunity to share experiences, establish links, and explore collaboration around the issues facing global wheat crops. The meeting will take an integrated approach to research by attracting specialists in diverse subjects and will directly address the distressingly common misinformation about gluten and wheat that circulates is in the media of many developed countries. We expect to present a universal vision of the importance of consumer perception of wheat products, and the effects this has on consumption in developing countries, as well as the implications for wheat research and what action should be taken.

Researchers from around the world will report on progress made in topics such as:

  • Contribution of wheat grain components to industrial (food and non-food) quality (gluten proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, bioactive components).
  • Genetics and breeding for wheat processing and nutritional quality improvement (Including use of molecular markers, omics, genomic selection, new breeding techniques).
  • Impact of GxExM Interaction on wheat end-use quality.
  • Relationship between sustainability of the wheat field chain and quality (i.e. field management, grain storage, shelf life).
  • Genetic resources for end-use and nutritional quality improvement.
  • Nutritional quality, health benefits of wheat.
  • Progress in milling and processing technologies.
  • Innovations on the analysis of wheat quality parameters: technologies and methodologies.

We cordially encourage you to attend and contribute to one of the major events of 2023 in the gluten field. Demand for wheat in the developing world is projected to increase 60% by 2050.

Understanding and properly decoding the multiple roles governing wheat production, transformation, and use will continue to be incredibly important in shaping people's diets around the world. The research community is fully engaged as demonstrated by the increasing number of manuscripts devoted to the subject. We hope to establish a friendly and open academic environment for all of us working in or interested in moving into this area of research. aim is for you to communicate your latest results in gluten research to the best researchers in this area of knowledge.

Hoping to see you in Madrid!

Patricia Giraldo (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Gilberto Igrejas (Universidad os Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro)
Chairs of the XIV International Gluten Workshop