Women in wheat coffee at XIV International Gluten Workshop

Dear fellow female wheat enthusiasts!

Following Women in Crop Science and Women In Wheat initiatives, we are delighted to announce a dedicated space and time in our upcoming XIV International Gluten Workshop in Madrid. We would like to discuss the work of our female colleagues in wheat quality and stablish stronger connection between us.


The 20th June, at 11h during the coffee break will have an independent set up and allocated extra time for our event


All women & queer invited! Join us to have the opportunity to talk 1 on 1 with your favorite senior researcher. All female speakers, chairs and both scientific and management committee members will attend.


We´d like to start with a short talk by a distinguished female researcher that will reflect on her own career path as a woman in the Wheat community. We´ll split into small groups for a quick ice-breaker activity to get to know each other, and finally we will invite everyone to move around and get to know each other. Interested in discussing a particular topic? Please, e-mail us with your ideas to curate this event for our community needs.

Sounds good? Coffee and pastries will make this even more delightful! Let´s find our #GlutenStrength and mix to form an alveolate support network